I hope this will be a great way to communicate with you all outside of a video, there’s just some things that are better written!

I am hoping to post once a week or more, with content that has happened throughout the week.

So many new things happening and I’m enjoying the challenge! Thanks for sticking with me and following me through all these new changes.




What they don’t tell you.

My partner and I have been living together almost a year.

(However, we spent 90% of nights together before we moved in together anyway)

“You’ll get sick of each other”

“You’ll argue more”

“Blah blah, less sex more stress”

I always read that once you move in together, you’ll fight about bills, food, etc.

We didn’t.

But not once have we fought, disagreed, or argued about anything. In two years.

We have each other’s back. If one can’t pay half the bill, the other takes 3/4 of it, without a second thought.

We’ve had one job between us at one point. There was stress, yes, fear, but never any fight. We’re a power couple, the strongest team.

So, you can live with your partner and not fight,and actually have a great time. I love it. Like a constant sleep over with your best friend. Starting every morning right by waking up by his side. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

“Just one drink”

“Oh you’re no fun”

“Aw come on”

“It won’t hurt”

I haven’t drunk alcohol in almost 2 years. A snap decision, (just like I do with my other lifestyle choices), I decided to go straight edge.

No alcohol. No drugs.

I never touched drugs, or smoked in my life. I liked beer. But I didn’t like drinking. I never felt drunk, and I hated wasting a day with a hangover. Alcohol costs a lot.

It’s almost been 2 years, and it’s so empowering.

Clear mind. Clear heart.


To anyone thinking of getting a pet.

I ask that you think of money. Will you have enough for their every need? Cats and dogs need flea and worming treatments, $120 2x a year. They need vaccinations, $90 a year. Certain food if they have allergies, $120 a bag at the most. Medication. Grooming, if needed, $80 every few months. Enrichment. These prices go up for bigger dogs.

I ask that you think of their happiness. Can you guarantee you’ll love them for their whole life? Not give them away? They’re a family member, forever. For their forever. 8years +. You need to give them that. Things change? Sure. But don’t give your best friend away. Work with the changes.

I ask that you remember they’re an animal. If they don’t sit on command, or chew the furniture, or pee on your carpet, it’s not because they’re naughty, it’s because they’re an animal. They need training and boundaries. Some need more work than others. That’s fine. Theres still nothing wrong with them. Don’t slap them, or hurt them. They’re learning. Half the time they probably feel horrible for doing it. The other time they don’t realise they’ve done something wrong.

If you decide to buy an animal. Fantastic. Thank you for saving a life and I hope you enjoy the next 8+ years. But please, think first. There’s no going back. You have a second life to look after.

Remember, adopt, don’t shop.